Monday, April 23, 2012

Green Eggs In a Pan

My mom gave me this idea via pinterest - eggs cooked INSIDE avocados! 

I love eggs cooked in holes, like when you cut a circle in toast and cook it.  It is an almost-fool proof way to cook eggs while guaranteeing you won't overcook the yolk.  I absolutely hate when I overcook my yolks, so cooking with holes is my insurance policy.  However, I think bread is a horrible breakfast, so I don't eat bread very often in the morning.

To cook in an avocado hole, your best bet is to grab the very middle of the avocado.  This is the biggest slice, hence the best.  However, if you are making multiple eggs-in-holes, then you can cut smaller slices.  So what I did was essentially cut my avocado into thirds - the middle slice (about an inch thick) and then the bigger two end pieces.

I removed the seed and cut a slice in the peel, so I could peel it.  If you leave the peel on, you won't be able to see it under the egg and run the risk of eating the peel.  Not good!

Toss the avocado slice down on a frying pan sprayed with cooking spray.  Crack your egg so the yolk goes right into the hole.  Don't worry about the white.  It will pretty much cover the whole avocado and that is okay.

Cook for awhile on this side.  I waited until my white was pretty much set, and then I flipped it.  The avocado even made it easier to flip - bonus!  Make sure you cook long enough when you flip it, as the avocado can make it a bit harder to see how well the white is cooking.  Rejoice in the fact that even if you cook the egg for longer than normal, the hole will help protect your yolk.

Then, admire your handiwork and enjoy!


Angel Sigman said...

Kelsey, I loooooove this idea!!! Kudos to your mom! I'm gonna try this ASAP. It always makes me so sad when I break my yolks!

Kelsey said...

I know my mom is so smart :) It is her 50th birthday today! I see your facebook statuses about breaking egg yolks sometimes and I completely agree! IT IS THE WORST. After all the work of cooking the egg, an overcooked yolk totally ruins it :(