Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kale - Eat more of it!

Kale is one of those super foods we should all be devouring.  It takes a bit getting used to, as it has a "greener" taste than bland iceberg or common romaine, but it is packed with nutrients and can be prepared in super tasty ways.

My absolute favorite way to eat it is to make kale chips.  See my blog post for more information on how to make those.  That post also has tons of information on why kale is so good for you.  If you want the shortened version, you should know it has been dubbed "the queen of greens," and July 2012 Glamour has it listed as one of "5 Goods We Should All Shut Up and Start Eating Already."  The best part?  Kale may help fight cancer and lower cholesterol.

Kale salad is what I like to eat when I want something healthy and fast.  Cut up kale into bite size pieces - I avoid the tough rib down the center.  Wash and dry.

Toss kale with slices of shredded parmesan and dried cherries (or use your favorite fruit/cheese).  Add nuts if they sound good.

Drizzle with red wine vinegar + olive oil and done.  Healthy, delicious, easy.  One of the best things to eat on a Monday night!


Anonymous said...

Dad, Nick, Katie and I ate Kale salad last night just for you!!

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