Sunday, May 20, 2012


I went home a few weekends ago, and while at home, I found a jewelry box filled with awesome jewelry from my Grandma (thanks Gram!).  My Grandma and I have similiar tastes in jewelry, and there was some amazing stuff in the box.

One of my favorite parts was all the clip-on earrings.  They inspired me to start wearing more earrings because I hadn't worn earrings since our company's Christmas party.  In fact, I momentarily panicked and thought my holes might have closed up, but thankfully they didn't.

The problem I am having now is earring shopping online is really fun.  You don't have to worry about the earrings not fitting, and the box is so small they usually fit in the mail box.  This is good because I don't have to make a trip to the office fit into my schedule.

Here are my favorites.

These bohemian hoops are from Forever 21.  I prefer the style I got - hot pink with gold, but this color pairing is also pretty cute (and the one I got is sold out).  The best part about these earrings is they only cost $7 and they don't look cheap at all.  I have always liked the look of hoops but never thought I could pull them off, so this will be a fun way to try it out.

These are Isabel Marant earrings from Net-A-Porter.  They are pretty expensive, but the sleek design with fun tassles is classy yet unique.  The color is gorgeous and the purple and clear beads are very shiny.  The gold hardware is also a nice burnished color.  Even better - these match a dress I have perfectly!

I got these ones from Mango as my super-adventurous pair.  I wouldn't recommend buying them.  They are super heavy and some of the white strings are starting to fray already.  I knew I was taking a chance on these, but I still think the design is fun.

These earrings are Vanessa Mooney earrings and they are 100% my absolute favorite.  I am in love with Vanessa Mooney.  She is a jewlelry designer based out of California, which means any purchases arrive at the house fairly quickly.  The items are handmade and gorgeous.  These beauties are super light weight and make a quiet tinkling sound when shooken.  They are smaller than I thought - only about three inches long.  The colors are gorgeous and I would recommend these for anyone.  They give a cool Native American type look.  I also love the earrings in green.

There is pink as well, but I don't like the design as much.
In addition to earrings, Vanessa Mooney makes necklaces.  These are my two favorite African inspired necklaces.

As a warning, for some weird reason, Vanessa Mooney always lists her jewelry more expensive on her site than the price at other sites.  I would recommend looking at (trying using VIP20 for 20% off) or

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