Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jalapeno Honey

Well I wanted some grand entrance back into the blogging world, but I kept putting it off because there was nothing that seemed quite grand enough.  I do have plans for a brown sugar bourbon ice cream in my new ICE CREAM MAKER (thanks Mom/Grandma!) but I haven't had time for a project like that yet.

I did make time to make a ROAST CHICKEN I am pretty proud of.  Take a look:
Now, I am making some jalapeno honey (boil jalapeno, honey, and some water).  I am hoping to use with with corn bread, biscuits, and a butternut sage tart I want to make this week. 

Also upcoming - adventures in beer brewing.  Our beer should be done any day now.  We were pretty bad  beer parents and haven't been paying it much attention at all, but I are excited to see how it turns out.

So there you have it - short, sweet, spicy and I hope to be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

Yahoo! She's back...