Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#005 Best Architecture: Idaho State Capitol

Today was a Wednesday, which means one thing -- Alive After Five.  Alive After Five is awesome for those who like live music, a good place/excuse to hang, or drinking beer.  It is also wonderful for families, besides the fact that the massive amount of people would freak me out about my children disappearing.  While I also think I want to go, I always get there and suddenly, like it has never occured to me before, realize how much I dislike live music.  Okay, let me rephrase that.  I don't dislike live music as background noise.  It sounds wonderful floating through the air whilst engaged in another activity (we can even count drinking beer here as "another activity").  It is really boring as the main event.  Considering I live more than walking distance and I would rather not have a hangover in the morning, drinking beer isn't the most appealing or rational choice.  Also, I would rather not spend $5 on a beer.

In addition, let me note I do not recommend wearing a long sleeved shirt and jeans in 96* weather.  Not very comfortable. I had shorts in my bag, but for some reason felt really awkward about going into any establishment and changing into them.  I didn't want to have to carry around my jeans either. Therefore, tonight was VERY warm!

Times like these make me miss Moscow and The Alehouse.  I LOVE drinking at the Alehouse.  I consider it my favorite "bar" even though some would argue it can't qualify.  Also, basically anywhere in Moscow is within reasonable walking distance.

Anyway, it was another Wednesday and I made another decision to check out Alive After Five.  I can almost guarantee I continue to go regularly.  I know I just complained about it for a good paragraph, but Alive After Five is basically a catalyst for people to meet up and then go to dinner, which I enjoy.

Today I had every intention of meeting up with a friend.  First, I decided to check out Loft.  I was secretly hoping I wouldn't find anything I liked because I have been spending WAY too much money, but I was also secretly looking for some cute boyfriend jeans and a white button up.  It was a fail on both accounts.  I cannot seem to find a normal looking white button up for the life of me.  I don't think I understand how you are supposed to wear them.

After that, I meandered over to Urban Outfitters and looked for a new sweater.  I wanted something flowery for spring, but found nothing.  I never find anything at Urban Outfitters.  I don't do "alternative" well.  Yes, you may be thinking Urban Outfitters is mainstream...that should give you an idea of how bad I am at alternative.

From there, I sent a text to see what everyone's game plan was.  No one was very quick to decide and that is when I decided to avoid the crowds, avoid the music, and explore downtown Boise.  I made it to THREE of my must see spots!

This post is about #005 Idaho State Capitol, "The Best Architecture in Boise." I think basically anyone would agree the Capitol Building is lovely.  You can see it from almost anywhere downtown, and I always use it to orient myself if I ever get a bit lost. 

First, I wandered in across the lawn and through a beautiful grove of trees.  It reminded me of Hello Walk at the University of Idaho.  There were also a group of about 20 people that appeared to be doing some sort of Tai Chi, and people playing frisbee.  The shade was a wonderful break from the super hot sun. 

I then admired the exterior of the building.  I wanted to go inside, but talked to a security guard and he told me it was already closed for the night.  I think when it is not the legislative session, the building closes at 6 pm.  When it is open, anyone is welcome to go in though, and it is just as beautiful on the inside.

There was also a cool statue outside the front of the building, featuring "Steunenberg."

The flowers around the statue were awesome and there were memorials sprinkled across the property.

I recommend taking a stroll in the Capitol building if you are ever visiting Boise or have never seen it before.  It is a free way to have a little fun and learn more about the city. Try to time it when it is actually open, so you can check out the inside too. 

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