Sunday, July 17, 2011

#012 Best Place to Sample Wine

Today was one of those Sundays I dream of.  It was absolutely perfect.

I understand we may have different visions of an ideal Sunday, so let me elaborate.  I woke up naturally at 9 am (waking up without an alarm can be risky business for me -- like an 11 am wakeup) and got to work on cleaning up the apartment.  I love living by myself and it is so much easier to clean a smaller space.  I did laundry, dishes, and even made my bed.

I then put lunch into the oven.  I normally make fairly complicated things, but I had plans for baked goods tonight so I stuck with a simple lunch.  I used a casserole dish and put in rice, chicken, cream of mushroom soup, two soup cans of water, and a packet of onion soup mix, and let it cook for 1.5 hours (half uncovered, half covered).  It turned out good, but a bit salty.  I am not sure if it exists, but if it does, I would totally use low sodium cream of mushroom instead.  The rice also stuck to the pan on the bottom, so it might be a good idea to use some sort of cooking spray on the casserole pan.

After that, my day consisted of lots of yoga, lots of reading, and lots of TLC.  I was mesmerized by Extreme Couponing, Surprise Homecoming, Say Yes to The Dress (Bridesmaids - a whole new ballgame)and Hoarders. OMG I don't know how you can even turn off the TV.  Extreme Couponing is utterly mindblowing.  Those people can get it so the store literally GIVES THEM MONEY to buy items.  They all look like they have grocery stores inside their homes. I guess when something costs negative dollars, of course you are going to buy as much as you can. Surprise Homecoming can have me crying in literally five seconds.

So in the time I have been writing this post, Strange Addictions just came on.  Has anyone else seen this?? The current girl eats DRYWALL at least six times a day, another lady is addicted to smelling gasoline, and another eats dryer sheets.  I have no idea how that happens.

Now I am sitting here with my face covered in warm honey (try it, seriously), my nails covered in lace and my toes in "skulls and glossbones (OPI)," baked goods in the oven, and ready to get down to the point of this post: The Boise Co-op.

I didn't discover Co-ops until Moscow and not until my JUNIOR year! My boyfriend is actually the one who first took me there, and when we are in Moscow we go at least every few weeks.  Our favorite is the sandwiches and soup.

Anyway, I was eager to check out this co-op, and Living Social called it #012 Best Place to Sample Wine: The Boise Co-op.

First of all, I think this place is a bit tricky to find in downtown boise.  The side of it says something MARKETPLACE and I didn't think it was the same building.  I had to drive around the block a few times.  For those of you trying to find it, it is the building with marketplace written on it, and it is on the same block as a cafe and wine store.

When I finally found it, there was plenty of free parking, which is always nice.  Outside were plants for sale (with the majority of herbs selling for $4) and planters.  Inside was amazing! This co-op is HUGE! There are so many cheeese, meats, breads and other wonderful things.  In fact, I think co-ops are great places to get presents for people, as you can pick up plenty of unique, decadent and local things. There is also a coffee shop and bakery, as well as deli to get sandwiches that I am sure are just as tasty as the Moscow ones.

If you are curious, co-ops do not require you to pay a membership fee.  Of course, there are plenty of member benefits, but I still haven't joined the Moscow or Boise co-op.  For the Boise one, I think members are the only ones who get sales prices, and they also get coupons and special events.  Membership is $50 for life, as well as a $15 adminstrative fee.  The cool thing is you can sign up, and rather than paying all at once, have 5% added to your bill each time you shop until you pay it off. They also have great hours, as they are open until 9pm Monday-Saturday and until 8pm Sundays.

One very important thing for me in each place I visit is customer service.  I would like to note that everyone here was very friendly and I would rate them top notch.

My main goal was to get a new wine to try, and hopefully bring it next time I see my boyfriend. I have read a lot of studies and also been in marketing classes, and I know that a lot of time, price correlates to PERCEIVED higher quality but not necessarily much better in reality.  In fact, when people are told something costs more, studies have shown they enjoy it more.  Therefore, I really don't care much about price because I know it doesn't matter that much (yes, I do know there are SOME differences).  I ended up getting this wine for $5.49. Why yes, I did pick the cheapest wine! haha.  But  I think the fun is in trying something new. 
I also got fresh eggs and nice chocolate for my surprise currently baking in the oven.  I think co-op eggs are actually signicantly better - you can even just look at them.  They look bigger, the yolks are yellower, and I don't mind splurging on these.
Here are a few pictures of the aisles to give you an idea of all the selection here.

I have been looking for straight-up cocoa powder (it is actually really healthy when you get a high cocoa content) and haven't been able to find it for months.  They had tons to choose from here! I ended up not getting any, but will come back when I get back on my Forever Young kick (this book advocates 1 egg mixed with coconut oil and cocoa powder as the perfect healthy breakfast...inquire for details).

I also found a good present for my Dad.  He loves pickles and this looked interesting.  It has pineapples, peppers and pickles...should be interesting to try at least.

I also found my FAVORITE salad dressing, Brianna's.  However, the one on the left is the one I got on a different trip. Don't ever get it. I have never tried it before this time, but I think the poppyseed one literally tastes like it is rancid.  However, I can't throw it away haha.  I think I am expecting it to change.  Has anyone had the poppyseed one? I can't believe it is so bad, as the other ones are delish.  The one on the right I had to stop myself from drinking and the Blush one is amazing. I was devastated when I got home and realized I forgot salad greens.

My one complaint is the bags.
No handles makes it very hard to carry! However, I think that is a ploy to encourage everyone to bring their own works.

I would recommend everyone check out the co-op.  Trust me, it isn't just for hippies.  You can find things you don't even know EXISTED.  I think it is fun to just go in and pick something you have never had or never heard of, and give it a try.

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