Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#057 Best Place to Get Local Wine

Today I had to make a library run to drop off my previous book on CD, pick out a new one, and decide on a book for interesting reading material for the weekend.  I have the worst time choosing a book (I usually take recommendations from a magazine).  I researched all the books that had peaked my interesed prior to heading to the library, and none were available (I have decided Nampa is the least literary of the surrounding cities, as they had many of the books I desired).  I also decided I have great taste in books, as many had multiple holds on them.

Anyway, I grabbed the girliest looking book on CD and ended up picking Confessions of a Shopaholic, which I have heard of before.  The library makes it difficult to pick based on covers, as many audio books are placed in crappy library covers, but I managed to make do.  I then beelined for the new book section and spent quite a bit of time here.  I feel like every book is an opportunity to learn something, so if I choose one book, that means I don't get to learn about the contents of another book.  I ended up getting a book based on "the psychology of spirits and the meaning of the afterlife" or something along those lines.  Less religion and more evolution of the mind, from what I skimmed out of it.  I love books on the brain, psychology, thinking, etc.  I also waffled between getting a book on UFO's, a business book, a book on big foot, or a book on war.  It was a very tough few minutes but in the end I just got the spirit one.

This library is pretty awesome though -- they have a self-checkout station.  It always takes me awhile, but I think it is really handy.

From there, I was already downtown so I headed to the Boise Co-op.  I have already been here before, as not only was it rated #057 Best Place to Get Local Wine, it was also rated #012 Best Place to Sample Wine.  While driving there, I noticed there is a whole additional wine STORE that is across the parking lot and associated with the co-op.  They have a lot of wine in the normal place, so I can't imagine how much more is packed in that store.  It was closed though, so I stuck with what I knew and went in the normal co-op. 

Once I got to the store, I knew I wanted to get the same wine I got last time, but a different flavor.  That would make it more fun to taste and compare the two, rather than comparing two random brands.  I had a momentary freakout because I could not remember which flavor I already had.  Thankfully, I was able to pull up my blog on my phone, look at my last post, and figure out which wine flavor I had gotten! I was so excited.

I ended up getting the Merlot, so now I have Crow Canyon Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  I should have gotten a local wine, but I wanted to start California is on the same coast at least.  Does that count??

I also got one additional item, but apparently my Dad is sneaky and I didn't know he reads my blog occasionally...I think it is only so he can figure out his birthday presents, like he did last time I went to the Co-op! Therefore, I can't let you know the other thing I picked up, but you will like it Dad!


Lauren Hairston said...

I love libraries so much. Sounds like you're an eclectic reader! I probably need to work on expanding what I read.

I have to say, I would probably go with the cheaper wine, as well! As long as it isn't Franzia, I'm not much of a wine snob!

Kelsey said...

Haha, when I moved to college and a new town, I stopped going to the library. Now that I am back into it, I can't believe I ever stopped going! They are amazing. I am a pretty random reader...What do you normally read?

As for wine, I am snobby when it comes to liking new things. I think I must just equate new = fancy, which is definitely better on the wallet than thinking expensive = fancy.