Tuesday, August 23, 2011

#025 Best Place to Buy Designer Fashions

The next few days are going to be busy with lots of fun and exciting things to do :)  Tomorrow a few of us from work are going to watch The Princess Bride at the Idaho Botanical Gardens.  It is so fun to go, and now that I invested in a reuseable snow cone cup, I can get snow cones for $2.  We are also having a bit of a picnic.  I think I am going to make hummus and bring a bunch of vegetables.  So far the line up also includes pasta salad and orange-soy riblets, so I think it will be a very tasty evening.

On Thursday, I am volunteering at the Shakespeare Outdoor Festival.  They said we can expect to stay until 11:30ish (OMG) which is a bit late for me on a work week, but then it's Friday so I won't be toooo behind on sleep.  I actually think my problem might be I go to bed TOO early, so this will be a great experiment.  This is also an opportunity to bring your own food, and I am contemplating making lemon-yogurt fritters.  I am a bit worried they won't be as good the next day (I have to make them the night before) but I love little things to snack on during both plays and movies.  Have any of you seen The Taming of the Shrew?  I don't think I am familiar with it, althought I know I probably should be.

In other news, I love rainy, dreary weather and now that I have a "real job" I am looking forward to fall weather even more (however, I do NOT love snow.  We are talking RAIN solely).  I have been eyeing this scarf for a while now, and I have a 20% coupon+free shipping, so I think I am going to finally cave in and buy it.  What do you think? I think it is the PERFECT scarf for Idaho! I also want to do a home improvement project and hang hooks in my room so I can display my scarfs come cooler weather.  I tend to forget all the options I have, so I would love to have them all staring me in the face.

While I have you here, a quick review on #025 Best Place to Find Designer Fashions: Fancy Pants. It is located right downtown, which makes it really easy to find from the various parking garages scattered around in Boise.

I feel like I cannot possibly be the best judge of a designer fashion store.  As you can see above, I consider an American Eagle scarf a splurge and I have been dreaming of a $60 sweater for a few weeks.  I really don't spend much on clothes and never really have.

For those who are fashion fanatics, this seems to be the place to go.  Every review I have seen refers to the shop owners by their first names, which I think is really cool.  It is almost like customers have personal shoppers willing to help them with exactly what they need, and of course that type of service comes at a premium.  I think Fancy Pants is so popular for those craving fashion because it offers what most of Boise does not - designer goods, hard to find brands, a rotating selection, and an overall love of fashion.  From what I have heard, the designer denim collection is to die for.

I thought this store was adorable and could have easily bought the majority of the clothes, but it was SO EXPENSIVE.  This isn't the fault of the boutique owners as it is simply the name of the game, but seriously.  I thought I would be able to go in and wander around, find something on sale, and leave a happy camper.  As soon as I walked in, I realized I had made a mistake and was a bit sheepish.  I pretended to look around and I am sure it was apparent I had no intention of buying, so I quickly made my way out of there!

I think it is great Boise has a store like this, but I won't be shopping there until I get a few promotions :)  In the meantime, I will enjoy salivating over things at Macy's and waiting for coupons.


Anonymous said...

One thing Mary taught me, is if you find something in a boutique, and the owner is the main worker, you can wheel and deal...tell them you'd like it but it's not in your price range, ask them when they might be on sale, or, as Mary does...ask them if they'd take less...Believe it or not, she rarely pays full price and gets exactly what she wants...Don't be shy...

Kelsey said...

Mary has all the best tips!!

Terri said...

I hope you have fun, I love your good choices AND snowcones. That scarf is beautiful, I can see why you admire it.

Terri said...

I hope you have fun, I love your good choices AND snowcones. That scarf is beautiful, I can see why you admire it.

Terri said...

I hope you have fun, I love your good choices AND snowcones. That scarf is beautiful, I can see why you admire it.

Lauren said...

I was in two different productions of The Taming of the Shrew. I was even Katherine once, so I'm really familiar with the play! It's a lot of fun. Provided the Shakespeare Outdoor Festival has a decent production, you should really enjoy it. There's a film version with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, as well, if you're interested.

Enjoy The Princess Bride and your picnic!

P.S. I'm way too cheap to know much of anything about designer shopping. I bought a dress and a pair of shoes at Betsey Johnson once, but that's the extent of my experience!