Monday, August 15, 2011

#042 Best Fries

 I went to #042 Best Fries: Boise Fry Company (BFC) a few weeks ago and am finally getting around to writing about it.  Hopefully being in Boise this weekend will let me settle down and spend some time writing cool posts about exciting places.

Boise Fry Company is VERY unique and I think if anyone was being all tourist-y in Idaho, this would be the perfect place to go.  Whenever I tell someone not from Idaho that I am living from Idaho, I inevitably get some sort of potato comment and the BFC embraces the potato culture whole heartedly.  The funny thing about potatoes is we really can't deny it.  They are everywhere! 

This place is pretty tiny when you walk in.  It is also located in a pretty crappy looking strip mall (if you take Broadway and go past Front/Carls Jr. etc, you will see it on the left).  There are a few tables outside, which help expand the space on a nice day, but I think you can't help but feel crowded whilst waiting for your order.

The mission of the BFC is to provide you with the most incredible fries, burgers and service a company can offer.  I don't eat hamburgers so I cannot attest to the quality of the burgers, but can totally say they have incredible fries and service.

You should know by now I am very picky when it comes to service.  I have always said I do my jobs with a smile, so I see no reason why someone deserves extra money for doing their job with a smile.  I could go into the whole concept of tipping in an entirely different post -- let me know if you feel the need to debate.  And before you start arguing -- YES, I DO tip and I tip just fine. Anyway, back to the point -- I really appreciate and love good service.

The staff here was phenomenal.  Everyone was super friendly and approachable.  I asked for a recommenation -- should I get Okinawa or yam french fries?  The cashier responded with, "Actually, you should try purple fries and they are delicious with garlic aoili and rosemary salt." He really knew his stuff, offered up a suggestion, and was totally nice about it.  I couldn't say no to such a confident response, so it was the purple fries for me.  He also made sure I got to-go cups for whatever sauces I wanted.  When I saw the sauces and realized I wanted more, he had no problem getting more for me. 

Another awesome thing about BFC is the focus on the fries.  In fact, burgers are called "sides," which I think is hilarious. 

The reviewers on yelp seem to like BFC, but a lot had very high expectation and didn't think the french fries were the *best* they have ever tasted.  That may be the case -- I have had some damn good french fries, and I don't know if this knocked my socks off.  However, I liked this place because it was just so much fun!

Here is a link to the menu 

You choose among seven types of potatoes, and then you choose the cut (options vary depending on the potato).  I got a medium and it was a good amount of fries.  They have very few hamburger choices - when I was there, it was basically a beef, bison or veggie choice (with the veggie one getting rave reviews).  There was also a quinoa side salad, which I ordered.  It was only $3 and it was delicious!  The lettuce wasn't iceberg but a tasty mix of hearty spring greens, and the pear vinagrette was to die for.  In fact, my salad was almost gone by the time I got home (yes, I ate it with my hands!).

I got my fries and salad to go, but I would recommend scheduling some time to stay at BFC.  The fun part is in all the options once you get your fries.  There are TEN different fry sauces and what seemed to be about fifteen kinds of salt.  Some salts included cajun, horseradish, sea salt, vanilla, jalapeno, and garlic rosemary.  Some sauces included sweet mustard, blueberry, chipotle, garlic aoili, fry sauce and sour thai. 

They also have something for you real fancy people: the Bourgeois.  This includes their finest cut French fries fried in duck fat, garnished with truffle salt (for $8).

For my fries, I tried the garlic aoili and sour thai.  I have to be honest and say I didn't like the sour thai at all.  It seems to me like you could make some sort of delicious thai dipping sauce, but this just tasted off.  The garlic aoili was great, but a bit like dipping your fries into straight mayo (very thick).  I mixed it half and half with ketchup, and it was phenomenal. 

The rosemary garlic salt tasted great, but in hindsight, I wish I would have added more.

Regardless of how good the food is (mine was good) BFC is a really cool place because of it's novelty factor.  This would be great fun for kids or out-of-town visitors always giving you a hard time for Idaho "The Land of the Potatoes."  Finally, it is a bit expensive, so I would recommend meeting up with friends here for Happy Hour.  It is M-F, 4-6 pm, and buy one get one free on beer and small fries. 


Lauren Hairston said...

I would totally go for the Bourgeois! I love a good french fry.

Anna Osgoodby said...

Yum!!!! I want to go here!

Kelsey said...

Haha, do you think duck fat is better than normal fat? I have never tasted it...I was totally curious though.

ANNA VISIT ME! And then I will visit you :) I actually am working on convincing a friend to go to NYC with you might need to make some room...