Monday, August 1, 2011

#036 Best Burger

I flew out of town this weekend and got back into town around 4:00.  Similar to most times I fly, I was exhausted upon returning and nothing sounded better than a movie with some smuggled-in snacks.

I decided to check out Chef Lou's Westside Diner, rated #036 Best Burger.  The website is pretty awesome because it lists all sorts of deals, and there are also coupons, so check it out if you plan on eating there.

This place has a big reputation, as it was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  It also seems like Chef Lou is known as a semi-celebrity chef in the Boise area, as I have even caught people at working talking about him.  I think all the hype has led people to be wary of Westside Diner, as many reviews on Yelp expressed reservations about visiting the place.

One unhappy reviewer says to watch out for the fish and steak fries as they have "waaaay too much batter and not enough fish/steak."  Another went to try out the milkshakes (as they have a sign advertising the best shakes in Boise) but found their peanut butter/chocolate milkshake "neither chocolatey or peanut buttery enough."  Another said their burger "tasted alright but was TINY....seriously the thinnest patty I have ever got."  Another claims the only thing they have ever eaten that was delicious there was the shake.   Finally, even the french fries don't seem to have much acclaim, as a reviewer found them "very disappointing." 

I think it is important to highlight all these negative reviews, as I went to a place seemingly rated as "best burger" but I don't eat hamburgers, so I didn't try it out.  I also didn't try much on the menu at all.  I was a bit disappointed I didn't get to try more, but I was trying to choose a small enough amount of food to leave room for a milkshake, and food that I could eat quickly and/or sneak into the movie theater.  

I ended up getting a small Cookie Monster milkshake and a small sweet potato fries.  I have to admit that the price did seem rather expensive.  For both, it was about $7.00 (I think the sweet potato fries were $3.29, meaning the milkshake was also around $3 something).  I usually complain that restaurants always have huge serving sizes, so normally I would be pleased that the milkshake small was actually fairly small.  However, I paid three dollars for it and I was hoping it would last for the majority of the movie, so it was disappointing my milkshake was a very small "small."

At first I thought I got the wrong milkshake, because it was blueberry flavor.  However, I discovered big chunks of cookie and slowly realized Cookie Monster must be some blueberry/cookie mixture.  I LOVED the milkshake (besides the size).  It was delicious with plenty of blueberry and plenty of cookie.  It was also the perfect consistency, as it was easy to suck up the straw, but it wasn't runny.

The sweet potato fries were also incredible.  There was a good size in the serving (it totally kept me full for a suitable amount of time).  They were also served PIPING hot.  In addition, they came with a cinnamon frosting that was one of the best dipping sauces I have been served with sweet potato fries.  It was like a cinnamon whipped butter that melted wonderfully on the hot fries. I don't think I have ever had better sweet potato fries.

I had previously thought of going to Westside Diner with my friends, but then thought that it wouldn't work for a group of people if we all had to sit in our cars and eat.  This is not actually the case.  There are plenty of little chairs and tables, and there is even shade to sit in (under table umbrellas).  You can sit in your car, or go to the pickup window, or hang out in the drive thru.

Overall, I thought my two items were phenomenal and I would totally go back and/or take someone again.  However, I wouldn't take my extremely frugal friends, as this place was absolutely on the more expensive side.  Maybe wait until you find a coupon you like and then go here to indulge.  Either way, it was fun to check out and I would love to go back (next time I am either getting a foccacia sandwich or a french dip...yum!).  They have a HUGE menu, so most people should be satisfied.  I don't get take out much, but if I did, I would probably go back and get it from this place.

My other favorite part was you get a fortune cookie with your meal :)  My fortune? Now is a lucky time for you. Take a chance.


Holly said...

YUM!! I'm always down for a good diner and a good burger from it :)

terri said...

The milkshake sounds really good!!! I love all of your photos.

Lauren Hairston said...

Looks like such a cute place! Now I want a shake and it's only 10 am!