Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#027 Best Place to Buy Athletic Gear

A few weeks ago, I wandered into See Jane Run, #027 Best Place to Buy Athletic Gear.

If you have never heard of See Jane Run, it is a really cool store.  They focus on athletic gear and focus exclusively on women.  They facilitate events, lead jogging groups, and sponsor marathons, among other things.

I didn't end up buying anything, but I was pleasantly surprised that they also carried a lot of cute dresses and clothes that would be good for everyday wear and not just working out.  My problem was that the quality of the clothing is almost TOO good for me.  I didn't want to pay a premium for something nice when average would work just fine.  I wouldn't say this store is overpriced, but it absolutely does not fall on the cheap spectrum of clothing stores.
I think this store is totally inspirational.  If you are trying to gather motivation for a new workout routine or want to be more gung-ho about fitness, I would make a pit stop here.  I think it would breathe some new life into your workout routine and give you the boost you are looking for.  Adorable workout gear certainly makes it easier to get the motivation to get fit.

The employees here were excellent. I can't stand when employees hover around me and stare at me while I shop, or are too intent on asking if I need help with anything.  It makes me uncomfortable and I just want to shop/wander in peace!  They let us do our own thing, but also made it obvious they were willing to help if need be. 

There aren't many reviews on yelp.com, but from what I found, See Jane Run is renowned for their customer service.  In fact, one cool feature is they can analyze your gait in-store and recommend shoes that would work good for you.  They even have a treadmill in the store (maybe this is the gait-analyzer) that I thought was a great idea for testing out the shoes.

See Jane Run has a half-marathon they sponsor in Seattle, Boise, Alameda [CA], and Austin.  The marathon is called "I run for chocolate and champagne" which I think is so cute.
Sadly, this year has already passed for Boise (June).  The only one coming up is in Austin in October, but maybe if I start getting my fitness on, a half marathon would be a good thing to shoot for!  I honestly can't imagine running a 5K, but I think having a tangible goal would totally make running easier.  To be honest, I still get kinda worried running (this makes it sound like I run a lot....it has been once).  I feel like I need a giant dog to protect me or something. In the meantime, I stick to lots of yoga.
If I did decide to run a marathon, you better believe it would be this one! You get chocolate tastings, complimentary champagne, a commemorative champagne glass filled with chocolates, sport massages, and finishers food. 

In closing, check out See Jane Run if you are serious about exercise or want a jump start to dig into a new routine.  You will feel totally comfortable inside the store, and the staff is helpful and friendly.


Meg {henninglove} said...

that is so cool there is a running store just for woman sometimes i am intimidated to go into a running store by myself and when i first met my husband he worked at a running store, how strange is that!

Kelsey said...

Meg, I agree. It can be so intimidating in those places! Did you meet your husband IN the running store? That is so funny. Bet that was good experience on how to be a good listener!