Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Spruce-Up

I am not writing much on this post because I have a bathtub, chilled white wine, and nice clean sheets waiting for me, but I spent today sprucing up the place and taking a personal day.  For me, that means lots of yoga and reading, with some cooking sprinkled in.  I tried to cook up some kale, and I'll recap that in my next post (accidently ate ALL the garlic and onion mixture before I was ready to cook the kale...whoops).

I FINALLY hung up my prayer stick today.  I feel stupid for not doing it sooner, because it literally took one thumb tack.  However, I did get out my measuring tape and find the middle of the wall, so I was feeling pretty handy.

It really pulls the room together and makes everything look much better.

I also spruced up my bedroom side table.

I bought some fake lilacs from the store and trimmed off all the leaves.  I didn't realize I would need wire cutters, so I was a bit frustrated that I couldn't cut the flowers like I wanted, but it will work for now.

The star is a little candle holder from my grandma that I filled with lavender.  Lavender is supposed to improve the quality of your sleep, plus I got a big bag for only $2 and I think it smells good.  It reminds of my favorite ice cream from back home: Honey Lavender.  YUM! Some people hate it and think it tastes like perfume, but I adore it.

I also picked up some items I have been meaning to get forever.  A new eyeliner, Black Cocoa powder (non dutch process cocoa powder that is actually very good for you), white balsalmic vinegar to try out, spicy brown mustard (also REALLY good for you -- I just discovered it has turmeric in it), truvia, and blueberries.  Sadly, I ate the entire thing of blueberries before I got home, but it was delicious.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday.


Prathima Rao said...

Nice pics Kelsey!!! May be i can pick a few tips for my room!! And thank u for ur comment on my blog Prats Corner.. :) Cooking indian food is pretty easy..You just have to know how much of each of the spices you need to add & their properties...for instance you cannot add the popular indian garam masala powder directly to hot oil as they can burn..But you could ofcourse flavor the oil with some whole cardamom, cinnamon etc (ingredients for the garam masala)..Feel free to ask me if in doubt :) Im not an expert of course but will research & try n help u..
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Lauren said...

Are you going to make fauxreos with the black cocoa powder? I saw a recipe on the King Arthur Flour blog and now I really want to make some!

Anonymous said...

Dad will be so proud of you for your hanging abilities! Way to go!

Kelsey said...

Prat, I am going to come to you once I start experimenting :) I just got my friend to buy me some garam masala...I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was! Only $1.79 for quite a bit. Really great to know I cannot add it directly to hot oil...thanks for volunteering to help :)

Lauren -- What are fauxreos?!? I am going to have to check it out. I actually got it to drink in the mornings in this "Health concotion" I got from one of my books...egg white, coconut oil, water, stevia, and cocoa powder. I can't believe you know what King Arthur Flour is. I had never heard of it -- is black cocoa something that is specific for them? I figured it was just a type lol.

Haha, Mom, tell Dad it is on to the pictures next..tape measurer and everything!