Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Name is Memory

This is my new favorite book, written by Ann Brashares, the author of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  My weekend was basically spent reading this book :)

The main point of the book is everyone is reincarnated throughout their lives, but only a few very select people are able to remember each of their lives, and the main character, Daniel, is able to do this.  Souls tend to be reborn around each other, so the same people keep running into each other (a husband may be reborn as a brother or a sister may be reborn as a wife, etc).   However, the girl Daniel is in love with, Sophia, does not remember each of her lives. So, Daniel spends most of his lives looking for Sophia and trying to get her to remember him.

The book is really cool because it switches back and forth between past lives and current lives, so you get a chance to hear about other adventures as well.

As a caveat, I haven't gotten to the end yet, and a lot of reviews say the end is not satisfying and is basically a cliff hanger providing for a sequel.  There seems to be rumors that a sequel is possible, but one is not created yet.  So, we will see how disapointed I am when the book comes to an end.

I think I am so drawn to this book because I have always been really fascinated by reincarnation.  I would love to try past life regression, and one of the characters actually does this, which made me really excited.  I think reincarnation would explain SO much.  Maybe the concept is actually too simple.  It would explain fears, passions, talents, relationships...all wrapped up in a neat little bow.  Oh, you are afraid of water?  Well of course, you drowned in a past life!  Oh you have a love of planes?  Well of course, you used to be a pilot!

Mom- I think that needs to go on our to-do list.  Past life regression!

And now I am off to finish up this book in the bathtub - reading, candles, and peppermint/raspberry spiked hot cocoa.  Wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

I did it once, lol...definitely interesting!! Sounds like my kind of book!