Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Topshop Blazer

I love this blazer...trying to decide if I should buy it.  Has anyone else boughten something from Topshop?  I have heard great reviews, but I still hate deciding sizes via online shopping!
It looks like a great fitting jacket.  I imagine putting it over some cute dresses or casual shirts and wearing with jeans... going to have to ponder if it is worth a purchase.

Also, I think this shirt has a lot of potential.  I might be crazy because it doesn't look that great on the model...but I just love red. Seems like the hem might fit oddly though.
Red denim? Yes please.

They look like the perfect fall pants.  All the reviews say they fit great, but I am a little concerned they might fit too tight.  I haven't jumped on the leggings bandwagon yet, but these ones sure are convincing.

Also love this purse - but so expensive for a lil' guy!

So there you have it - after a red top, red pants or red purse?  Now is the season to hook yourself up. Which one (if any??) would you pick?

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Anonymous said...

Love the purse! I always love the slim pants, but find when I have them I never wear them...(Okay...the last time they were in style anyway, when I could wear them...25 years ago,lol)The black jacket is very workable, and the red see thru is very nice also...So that's my pick:
1. purse
2. black jacket
2.5 red shirt (almost tied with black jacket)
3. Pants (I don't think this is the most flattering style personally, but I'd have to see them on you-back in the day, they just made me feel like a little girl playing dress up when I actually put them on...they just didn't flatter me personally)

Love the color though!!