Sunday, May 29, 2011

Putting together furniture

I am about to attempt to put together this wonderful end table my Mom and Dad got for me

It is surprisingly VERY difficult to find white furniture, so this was an awesome find.  My bookshelf, desk, dressers, and TV stand are all white (which makes it sound like it is easy to find white furniture, but trust me, it wasn't), and I couldn't be happier.  I think it looks awesome.  My Mom ordered this end table from amazon for about $70 and she ordered it on Thursday and it arrived Saturday morning.  I think it is fascinating how fast something can ship.

I am going to assemble it while re-watching The Patriot.  I can't ever stay awake during movies.  In fact, I probably fall asleep in theaters about 35% of the time.  My fall-asleep rate is even higher at home.  My boyfriend is used to us renting movies and me being fast asleep by about halfway through.  We rented The Patriot (Mel Gibson verison) while he was in town, for only $2.11 for a week rental from Hastings.  He couldn't believe I had never seen it before.  There are a lot of movies I have never seen (Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and, until I met Jake, Dumb and Dumber, to name a few) and The Patriot was one of them.  I really liked what I saw of it the first time around, but we started it after midnight and it didn't finish til 2:30 am, so of course I fell asleep.  We started it so late because of the slowest cashier EVER at Walmart, but it was still a fun adventure.

The movie is due tomorrow, so I am watching and enjoying it again today.

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