Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Whispering

So, to sum it up, I just had four cocktails at The Ram.  For posterity's sake, we are going to keep the words short and the pictures plentiful.  I would like to note that, even slightly buzzed, I choose to buy beets, broccoli, cauliflower and cumin at Walmart, rather than junk food.  Going to dig into some baked veggies tonight or for breakfast.

So...what else to know about today.  Today was my final furniture delivery.  Toby, David and Jehsi assisted in the assembly of my new TV stand, and Ashley Furnitutre delivered and assembled the rest.  I LOVE IT ALL!  And really appreciate the assistance. 

This afternoon started by going to David's family's house for "the rehearsal dinner."  That equated to lots o' kids and lots o' ribs.  Of course, as natural when many children are around, I was referred to as the baby whisperer, I played duck duck goose, I got my hurr' did (hair done), and I made about ten baby friends.

and...without further ado...the photos!

 annnnd, if you were wondering.  Yes, these few drinks have caused my face to turn a ridiculous shade of spotted red and YES I DID WIN a free shirt on my way to the bathroom!

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