Saturday, May 28, 2011

Switching it up

It has already happened...I am switching my blog hosting site.  This is going to be the new one.  Easier to remember too, with all the aliteration (Blogging Boise Blogspot!).

I decided to change because I really don’t like how you can’t leave comments on Tumblr very easily.

As for the CD I referenced in my last post, my favorite song is currently “Hawaiian Air.”

For your listening pleasure, here is the youtube link: Hawaiian Air.  What do you think?  My summer CD last year was Robin Thicke, “Sex Therapy.”  I am still absolutely in love with this CD, and my favorite song is Make You Love Me.  While, so far, Friendly Fires sort of reminds me of the music you would listen to while shopping, I think I am going to like it.  We will see what I think when the sun is out!

I am going to try and go to bed, and hopefully sleep much better than I have been lately.  I am currently reading
It is not my very favorite book, but I do find some of the stories interesting.  I went for my first fiction book in awhile, and I chose this book because a) I start a new job soon so why not read about work and b) I like short stories because you can pick one up, finish it, and move onto something new.  However, that is a good and a bad thing.  It means some of the stories I really don't like, but at least they are over quickly!

Once I finish this book, I just got this book to read.
I am super excited because I LOVE memoirs.  I love that you can read and learn something at the same time, and get a glimpse into a different life you may never have otherwise.  Even better, I got it with a 50% coupon at Borders, so it was only $8.50.  Thanks Borders!

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