Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to TV Season

Today is a bit of a holiday, if you ask me. 

September 13th...second Tuesday of September...day after my birthday....Nope! Nothing like that.

Today marks the first official day of Fall TV premieres (at least the first day one of my favorite shows premieres)!!  Does anyone else look forward to this day as much as I do?  I am a bit of a TV junkie, but I never mindlessly watch TV.  I always turn it on for a purpose and have planned exactly what I am going to watch.  I am really looking forward to this season's television shows, because there are tons of new ones coming out.  My favorite thing after work is to make dinner, curl up to a good show, and do some yoga whilst watching it.  Even better if it is raining and/or thundering outside.

So, what should you be on the lookout for?  Here is what I cannot wait to see:

90210 - CW (channel 3 in Boise) TONIGHT at 7 pm (MDT)/8 pm (PST)
The cheesy, over the top drama I have grown to love.  Only problem is the broadcast of the CW totally sucks in Boise! I feel like I am watching the show through a twenty year old TV.

2 Broke Girls -CBS Monday September 19th @ 9:30/8:30 c
The basic description of this show seems to be two broke girls who have "no money and no shame." 

3) New Girl - FOX Tuesday September 20th 9/8c
This show stars Zooey Deschannel -- whats not to love?! She is an "offbeat and adorable girl in her late twenties, who moves in with three single guys after she suffers a bad breakup." 

4) Modern Family - ABC Wednesday September 21st 9/8c
This is the third season of Modern Family and I have yet to watch it, but I keep hearing rave reviews.  I think I am going to have to add it to the DVR queue!
5) Whitney - NBC Thursday September 22 9:30/8:30
This is a real-life/faux life documentary type show focused on comedian Whitney Cummings, her real life experiences, and her comedy routines.  From the sounds of it, a lot will also focus on her five year relationship with her live in boyfriend (confused if that part is real or not??).

Other shows to look for: Terra Nova (FOX), Pan Am, and the return of: Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, House, and Gossip Girl. 

Fall may no longer mean back to school for me, but I think it will always mean back to TV :) thank goodness I have a DVR!

*Also, this is supposedly a record breaking year for shows featuring female leads, as well as shows written by females.  Way to go, ladies!


Tanya said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Modern Family. The whole Claire and Phil realationship reminds me of Beeg and I :) We also love Parks and Recreation and the Office. We're tv junkies too!

Kelsey said...

Yay I am excited to finally watch Modern Family :) I need to have some sort of marathon to catch up! I have caught Parks and Recreation once or twice and it is hilarious...and of course the Office!!