Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home Improvement

My grandparents visited last night and we had an awesome time.  As part of my graduation/birthday present, we got to go shopping. We hit up Pier 1 Imports and got some amazing stuff for my house.  After I moved in in May, I was exhausted by all the decisions, and never did much of the "little details" it takes to pull a house together.  My grandma was great at helping me!

We ended up buying a big painting of a flower to go on the empty wall above my TV.  The colors were exactly what I wanted -- blue, yellow, and green.  The blue matches my vases, the yellow matches my blanket, and the green matches my lucky rock.  We also got two jumbo candle holders that are sitting to the right of the TV.  The candles inside are perfectly-matching green and blue.

I repositioned my bird painting (birthday present) so that it is more visible, and the dark frame helps tie together the living room and dining room.  We also put up two more pictures in the dining room.  In addition, I got a great hurricane-type glass jar to sit on the dining room table.  We filled it with little gold beads and flat marbles.  The hurricane jar has a lid on it, so candles can sit on top as well.

We also got this crazy looking but awesome rug in the bedroom, and a cute standing fish for the bathroom.  These were hand-me-downs that happened to be the exact colors for each of my rooms.  I might move the rug to the side of my bed but it is the heaviest rug ever!

Once I got home today, all the decorating had me inspired and I decided I needed some fall decor (to celebrate the first day of fall, of course!).  I bought a reasonably sized pumpkin, which wasn't even very hard to carry.  I got gold spray paint (difficult to chose between gold, silver or glitter but gold was a great choice).  I laid out a towel on the deck and set the pumpkin on it.  I wrapped the stem in aluminum foil, which worked great for ensuring it wouldn't get sprayed.

After that, I got to painting.  It was really easy and the only difficult part was making sure it got painted near the bottom.  I was paranoid the paint would get all over the deck, but it was really easy to aim and ensure it didn't fly everwhere.

My original goal had been to monogram the pumpkin, so I bought some gold flat thumbtacks.  In the end, I decided I couldn't make a good enough K, so I didn't bother trying.  I still think it is a good idea though -- if you are artsy, you could make all sorts of cute patterns.  One thing of note was gold thumbtacks didn' t stand out so well against gold paint, so pick a contrasting color.

I LOVE my gold pumpkin and ended up displaying it on my bookshelf.  It looks just like some sort of fancy enamel pumpkin you could buy at the store, but it was cheap, simple, and fun to make.  It also dried completely in about 15 minutes.  The only sad part is it will rot one day - I will let you know how long it lasts.

The problem with painting my pumpkin? I am now OBSESSED with painting things gold.  I love the way it looks and have all sorts of visions of purchases I could make and do-over with gold.  Gold spray paint is like the Instagram of real life -- it makes everything look cute.  I imagine silver and glitter is just as wonderful.  I am going to have to avoid thrift stores for awhile while I try to shed my urges.

In other news, has anyone heard of a "Slimcado"? Check out this big huge type of avocado (I thought it was genetically modified but apparently it isn't).

Here it is sitting with MANGOES to give you a size idea (but yes, they were fairly small mangoes).


Terri said...

I love all of your new goodies. How cute. You are so crafty, I would have never thought to spray paint a pumpkin but now I want to. I bet it will last longer than one that isn't.
Avocados are so healthy but I've never seen one that big around here.
You won the KidFresh giveaway. I'll send your info in after I get some zzzz's :)

Tanya said...

How fun. I love getting some new stuff to decorate with. I love the pumpkin idea! Very cute :)

Kelsey said...

Terri, I was kind of scared to try out spray paint but now I am addicted :) It is so easy and great!

Avocados are great but I am wary to try those crazy Slimcados! and I can't believe I won...excited to try it! I have never won on a blog before!

Tanya, I am sure you have tons of adorable Fall decorations planned :)