Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peaches for Breakfast

I am really not much of a breakfast-food eater.  Yes, I do eat breakfast, but you are more likely to find me eating a salad, soup, or some other dinner item in the morning hours.  If I do go for breakfast food, it is normally just a few fried eggs with salt and turmeric.

However, on the weekends, I love to have a quick and easy brunch composed of peaches, spices, yogurt and preserves.  It is so easy to make, and very tasty.

Chop one peach up into bite-size pieces.  It doesn't need to be tiny pieces - an inch or so will do.  I even use slightly unripe peaches when they aren't in season - the other ingredients make it taste good anyway.

To the peaches, add two teaspoons of water and two tablespoons of raspberry (or your flavor of choice) preserves.  I use low sugar raspberry (also with no artificial sweetners).  Then add  a pinch of apple pie spice (it comes in a little spice container in the spice aisle).  I add more cinnamon to get as much of the super-spice as I can, and I sprinkle the whole thing with Truvia, to taste.

Truvia is a sugar substitute with way less calories and a taste I think tastes "brighter" than sugar.  It is hard to explain if you haven't had it, but I would highly recommend trying it.  It doesn't have the chemical taste other sweetners have.  If you don't have Truvia, just use normal sugar.

Stir everything together and then add plain non-fat Greek yogurt.  I add about a half cup, but you can add as much as you prefer.  Stir it up once more and you have a simple, tasty, delicious breakfast.

It is also really filling - I sometimes struggle to eat the entire bowl in one sitting.  Also, the calorie content is low if you use Truvia and low sugar jam.  Truvia calories are minimal (probably less than 10), the jam has 25 calories/tbsp, and the yogurt has 60 calories in a half cup. With a peach having approximately 60 calories, you are looking at a filling breakfast with approximately 175 calories.  YUM!

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