Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweater Shopping

I ventured out to the mall today in the attempts to buy a new sweater to celebrate the rain we have been having lately. 

First stop was Forever 21 - I never go into Forever 21, but I wanted to try and find something stylish but cheap so I decided I should try to stop being a baby and give it a shot.  Whaddoyaknow, I walk in there and feel completely overwhelmed.  I walked from rack to rack, touching things here and there to avoid looking like a total weirdo just speed walking from rack to rack, not really sure what I was looking for.  There are WAY too many colors and styles in one store, just placed haphazardly everywhere around.  If anyone knows the organization scheme behind Forever 21, please let me know. 

After the Forever 21 disaster, I decided to check out Aeropostale.  Buying children's clothing is always a long shot but sometimes you can get cute clothes for a big discount.  I walked through this store for about ten seconds and decided I might finally be too old for Aero -- I was making excuses in my mind about shopping for some "ten year old friend" who happens to be the same size as me....yep, I was in and out of that store too.

Next up was American Eagle.  This was a bit more promising, and I did find one sweater I had to try on:
I LOVE the colors -- I think the marbled pink with navy is adorable.  However, in true American Eagle style, this sweater fits in a super weird way.  I don't know what it is about their clothes lately, but they are all really short and wide -- exactly the opposite of long, slim fitting tops I prefer.  I even got three different sizes to try on (small/medium/large) because I know how goofy AE sizes can be, and none of them fit properly.  Big bummer -- the sweater had a lot of potential.

Soon I am going to hit up Loft in the sweater search and if that doesn't turn up anything, I am leaving sweaters in the dust and am going to instead embark upon a journey for the perfect long-sleeveed shirt...or maybe a cardigan....or maybe a purse....I need something to celebrate the start of Fall!

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