Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Turkey Chili - Slow Cooker

My Mom was nice enough to give me one of her old slow cookers, and this is literally the first time I have ever used a slow cooker.  I have a feeling I will get obsessed...Going to bed at 10 and waking up to delicious turkey chili for lunch? Count me in!

I got the recipe from my Mom, who got the recipe from Allrecipes.com: Laura's Quick Slow-Cooker Chili.  All I needed to buy to make it was one onion and two cans of tomato soup - I was thrilled how cheap it was to make.  Definitely something most people should be able to throw together with what they have on hand. 

*I put stars next to all the changes that were my additions.  You can check out the original recipe if you would like to know the other version.

1) To start, cook the turkey (which makes me happy because I can safely sample the chili while it cooks).  I used 1.25 pounds* turkey and a tablespoon of olive oil, heated over medium, and cooked until brown (about 8 minutes).  I sprinkled my turkey with turmeric* and pepper*, to ensure the meat was flavorful.  I try to add turmeric whenever possible, because it is such a healthy spice.  In fact, my food is starting to look weird when it DOESN'T have a yellow tinge to it :) When done, drain the turkey. I used a slotted spoon and put paper towels under and over the meat, to soak up most of the fat.

2) Coat the slow cooker with cooking spray.  Add the following to the slow cooker:
  • Cooked ground turkey
  • Two 10.75oz cans of tomato soup
  • Two 15oz cans of kidney beans
  • 15oz black beans
  • One medium onion, chopped*
  • Two tablespoons chili powder
  • Two teaspoons red pepper flakes*
  • Half Tablespoon garlic powder
  • Half Tablespoon paprika*
  • Sprinkling of curry powder*, pepper, and allspice
3) Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours  - I went for low.

I will let you know how it turns out in the morning!  I have a feeling it is going to be delicious. The only thing I might need to change is it doesn't look like there is much liquid.  However, I am not familiar with slow cookers, so not sure how much I will end up needing, plus I prefer a chunkier chili, so we will see what happens.

The ultimate test will be if it is better than this chili I made previously in the year: MOPS Chili

*Update: The chili turned out great.  There was definitely enough liquid- after it cooked for 8 hours, it got perfectly juicy, so I wouldn't change the liquid.  I like this better than the MOPS Chili because I like ground turkey better than chunks of beef.  The MOPS chili was closer to a stew.  However, I do think this turkey chili would be great with the addition of diced tomatoes and potentially the juice of a lime.


Anonymous said...

So how did the turkey chili turn out? Also, there are liners you can get for the crock pot that makes clean up a snap! I think it's by the foil & baggies...xox

Kelsey said...

Turkey Chili was SO GOOD! I need to leave an update. I am going to have to buy those things; it would make the crock pot even easier. There are a bunch more soups I want to make. Thanks for giving it to me!