Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Clothes

I have been doing some online shopping to treat myself with some of my Christmas money.  I am really starting to like online shopping because I am a huge bargain shopper.  Online shopping lets me stake out what I want, keep an eye on it, search for coupon codes, and think about my purchases.  The only thing I don't like is the element of surprise - Will it fit?  Will I like it?  However, I have been finding methods of online shopping that help mitigate these issues.

First and foremost, JCPenney Ship to Store! I just did this for the first time, and it was fantastic.  I wanted these Worthington Welt Pocket Pants.
I couldn't find them in the JCPenney store, and they were only $22 dollars online, so I decided to go for it.  Here is the key - I picked Ship to Store as my shipping option.  Shipping is *free* and they call you when your package arrives at your select JCPenney store.

When you go to pick it up, you go to the Catalog/Customer Service area, which is guaranteed to be tucked away in some obscure corner.  You need your phone number and the credit card with which you purchased your item.  Then you get your goods!

The best part is I got my pants, went into the dressing room, tried them on, and was able to return them immediately.  I was sad they didn't fit, but it was so easy to return them.  All I had to do was hand them back to the sales associate.  Shipping was free and he refunded my credit card.  The only inconvenience is it will take a few days until my card is refunded. 

By the way, these pants are fantastic, especially for $22.  They are made of a really comfortable fabric and the cut is really great.  My problem was the pants were WAY too big.  Other than that, I would recommend anyone purchase them.  If you do, though, go down a size.  I don't think you can find a better or cuter pair of business pants for $22 anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are attempting to spend your Christmas money...sad your pants didn't fit. Glad you like online shopping and finding some good deals!! I tried the asparagus fries today and they were pretty darn good. I didn't use the seasoned panko though, which would have made it a lot better. I did make the salmon I told you about and it was pretty darn good! I'll send you the recipe. Love ya!