Monday, January 30, 2012

McCall Ice Festival

I went to the McCall Ice Festival yesterday.  Yes, we drove 2.5 hours both ways to walk around downtown McCall for about two hours, but it was fun to check it out.  I also was not feeling awesome from the previous night of mimosas and jager, so I took the liberty of spending most of the trip sleeping.  Big thanks to my friends who did the driving!

The Ice Festival includes 33 ice sculptures, a street fair, and plenty of other celebrations throughout the week. We didn't see all 33 - I think that would require a map or pro skills at navigating downtown McCall.

However, we thoroughly enjoyed the street fair, minus one major disappointment.  Upon seeing a lady with a delicious looking bloomin' onion, my friends and I looked at each other and knew we had to have one.  Stupidly, we assumed she must have gotten it from the trailor she was standing by, so we proceeded to order "onion rings."  Yes, we should have known but that bloomin' onion shut down all senses.  Imagine our disappointment when out comes normal onion rings, no bloomin' onion, and more importantly, no bloomin' onion sauce!  Even worse, we walked about twenty feet farther and found the bloomin' onion trailer.  Oh well - we still enjoyed a delicious foot long corn dog.

Here are some photos of the sculptures.  Jurassic Park won first place and that is the majority of the photos.

And here are a couple pictures from the trip up to Bogus Basin last weekend:

We were in a car with slightly cloudy windows so I couldn't get the best pictures, but you get the idea.

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