Saturday, January 7, 2012

Okay Back For Real

So back on Monday was a bit of a lie - this week was way busier than I thought.  My boyfriend ended up visiting Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked til at least 8 two nights, and I went into work this weekend.  It has been busy but enjoyable.  Now it is Saturday and I am done at work and my apartment is clean (okay just the living room and kitchen, but that counts) and I finally have some free time! 

Right now I am listening to Adele through my iPhone on my new Phillips speaker my parents got me for Christmas - it sounds great.  I am drinking fresh apple-pear-lemon juice I just made in my new juicer I got for Christmas (thanks Santa/Mom/Dad!) and I also have a new magazine I just got in the mail today. Life is go0o0o0o0d!!!

With some of my Christmas money, I decided to buy myself two presents - Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara in So Black! and Lancome Limited Edition Spring 2012 Collection Eye Palette Eye Brightening All-In-One 5-Shadow and Liner in Rose Coquette (whew, thats a mouthful). 

Lancome makeup isn't cheap, but is my favorite when it comes to mascaras and they have the best foundation I have ever used.  It is also really fun to buy, because you usually get 4 or 5 samples for free with your order.  I decided to splurge and buy some fancy eye makeup - I use mascara every day, so this sounded reasonable to me (however, the same logic does not apply to other necessities - while yes, I do wear a bra and underwear every day, I do not justify their purchases in the same manner and can't stand having to shop for them!).

I bought my mascara at the Dillards makeup counter.  It was $25.  I hadn't realized it smells slightly of roses until I read the reviews, but yes, it does have a bit of a rose smell.  I think it might bug some sensitive eyes, but it didn't bother me at all.

The mascara has 4 star reviews for effect, performance, value and texture.

One of the main complaints I was worried about is people said this mascara is super clumpy.  I have not found that to be the case.  However, I think people are having this problem because they try to do the standard two or three coats of mascara.  With this mascara, it is really important to only do one coat.  I take my time and repeatedly brush through my lashes until they are exactly how I want them and then, hands off!  Another coat does NOT work well at all.  Therefore, this is not a good mascara if you like to have a day look and a dramatic look and you try to achieve that by layering on more coats.  It is a great everyday look though, and also strong enough to wear at night if you aren't looking for too much drama.

Interestingly, I didn't like this mascara at all the first time I used it and a lot of other reviewers said the same thing.  I am not sure why that happens.  Maybe it is expectations?  After using it about two times, I have grown to absolutely love it (as do other reviewers). I am not sure if it conditions lashes each time, making me like it more over time.  I am not sure if I finally mastered the correct way to apply it, which is why I like it so much now.  Who knows.  All I know is if you get this mascara, give yourself a few days.  Don't be disapointed and toss it in a drawer or return it.

I knew I wanted the Rose Coquette color of eyeshadow because I always read about pink being a trendy color for eyeshadow, but I have never owned anything other than a very light, shimmery pink color.  I thought this would be a good way to be adventurous and if I didn't like the pink, I would at least like the shimmery brown highlightere and light pink base coat.  Unfortunatley, Dillards AND Macys were both out of the Rose Coquette color!  I had to order it online.  It sucked I had to wait so long for my package to come, but it was a blessing in disguise because I got five free samples.

This eyeshadow is great because it has five colors that go excellent together - black liner, a light pink basecoat, a pink lid color, a shimmery brown highlighter, and a dark brown crease shade.  My very favorite is the brown highlighter color - it has the perfect amount of sparkle and can best be described as a "sandy" color.  I also love the light pink basecoat.  Even if I am not wearing much eyeshadow, I always even out my eyelids with a base color (usually a neutral tan).  This light pink evens everything out, brightens my eyes, and isn't obvious.  It has one of those "I know you did something but I am not sure what" effects.

The pink I am still iffy about.  It is a pretty bright pink.  I was expecting more of a rose color.  However, with a third of my lid darkened in the corner with the brown and the other third highlighted with the sand, it does look awesome to have a pop of pink in the middle.

Here are the free samples I got with my order:
  • Small Color Design Groupie Shimmer Lipstick

  • Absolute Premium Rx Replenishing Cream
  • Absolute Ultimate Rx Replenishing and Restructuring Serum
  • Absolute Night Premium Rx Night Recovery Cream
  • Absolute Eye Premium Rx Eye Cream
It will be fun to try them out in the next few days.  I am always weary of eye cream though - I got some Estee Lauder Eye Cream a few years ago for Christmas.  After eagerly applying it at night, I woke up with a rash all around my eyes.  Horrible! Now I have to spot check everything (apply it to a tiny part of my face and wait 24 hours to see what happens) and the anticipation kills me.

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