Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 8: Raspberry Ravioles

I was ten kinds of tired tonight so I went with something fairly easy - raspberry ravioles.  These are actually really lame.  They turn out like little circles of raspberries.  Surprise! Raspberries are already circular! Haha.  Really though, the value added is you get spheres of liquid, so that part is cool.  I still haven't gotten the hang of making good large liquid spheres, so these just weren't very impressive.

Here are the quick instructions.  I want to go to bed.

1) Make alginate bath with 2 cups water and 1 package Sodium Alginate.  Put in fridge 15 minutes.

2) In th blender, mix 1 and 2/3 cup raspberries with one tablespoon sugar and 1/2 teaspoon calcium lactate.

3) When the alginate bath is ready, scoop the raspberry mixture into the alginate bath.  If you aren't good at making spheres, use a smaller size to have a better chance of them working.  Let sit at least 3 minutes, then rinse in a water bath.

4) Assemble and eat!

I ate mine with vanilla yogurt, chocolate chips, and cinnamon.  That combo was amazing, but as you can see, some of my spheres broke.

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