Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 9: Arugula Spaghetti

Keeping this one short and sweet - Also, I am going to Moscow this weekend, so may not post again until Monday.

How to make Arugula Spaghetti:

1) Blend together 2 cups arugular and 3/4 cup water into a smooth paste.

2) Bring to a boil with one packet of Agar Agar
3) Using a syringe, suck up the arugula mixture.

4) Push it into long tubes (see picture).  A straw might work, but it might spill out the ends.  The tubes came in my kit.

5) Put in ice water for at least 4 minutes.
6) Use the syringe full of air to push out the noodles.

These look really cool, but arugula in noodle form is kinda gross and weird.  I think the method would work for anything though.  These noodles are really fragile - if I try to pick them up they break.  I want to try this again but with something delicious, like fruit juice.

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