Saturday, June 4, 2011

#014 Best Non-Beef Burger

Well, I meant to write this post yesterday, but there was one culpit:
That's right, I fell asleep on the couch.  I LOVE sleeping on the couch.  I meant to just take a short nap to gear up to write a post, but then the couch sucked me in and I got nothing accomplished.  Therefore, today's post is a recap of yesterday.

Yesterday was beautiful.  Sadly, I had to run quite a few errands.  I spent about two hours at the DMV, I searched Boise for my beloved magazines (I am still certain Glamour came out this weekend and is no where to be found...), I got groceries, and I picked up my beautiful, cleaned and fixed ring.

We also had some friends come over, and even though I couldn't partake until about six pm, we got to spend some time at the pool.  This is the view from the pool -- I love it!
Around 8 pm, we decided to head downtown Boise for dinner.  As luck would have it (once again!) my roommates had the same restaurant in mind as I did.  We went to #014 The Red Feather Lounge for Boise's "Best Non-beef Burger".

53 Yelpers rate Red Feather four stars and call it a "watering hole that knocks the socks off cocktail-snobs,"and many people's favorite place in Boise.  Another calls it "very hip, with a cool interior, and a creative and delicious local/NW menu."  Needless to say, I was excited to check it out.

I looked on the website to do a price check -- sometimes delicious, local menus can be very expensive!  The prices seemed totally normal.

Here is the view as we walked downtown (our parking was only $1 per hour).
We thought we were going to have to wait for a table, but we got seated immediately.  I think everyone wanted to sit on the deck, but we were happy to be inside as there was still a slight chill as the night began to fall.  Inside the restaurant, it was very dim.  Each table was lit by candles.  I think this would be a perfect date restaurant, and it also had a really cool vibe.  One of our favorite parts was the neon wine cellar. 

Most of the cocktails were $7.50 which is reasonable but more than I typically like to pay.  David and I decided to split a pitcher of Czech Pilsner (6.2% alcohol).  It was really tasty and the perfect amount for two people.

When it came time to order, I was thisclose to ordering the Mac and Cheese.  David ordered it, and I hate ordering the same thing as other people, so I went with the Pulled Pork Pizza.  SUCH A GOOD CHOICE.  It came with grilled onions, cilantro salsa verde, pulled pork and smoked cheddar.  I think there were six pieces and there were more than enough!  I actually ate the whole thing, minus one slice I shared.  It made me a litttle too full, but it was so delicious!  The only thing I would change was it was a tad bit oily biting into the crust.

Best part?  My entire pizza was only $11.  David's Mac and Cheese was $10, and we both agreed mine was a better deal.

After drinking the Pilsner, we all had a little buzz, so we explored downtown Boise a bit.  We went to the Wells Fargo building and were all amazed such a nice building was open so late at night.

We also went to Main Street Bistro and there was no one there.  However, it was really early, so I think everyone was just out and about pre-funking.  After that, we parted ways.  I went home to sleep because, of course, right before I start work I am getting sick.  Everyone else went out and had what can only be described as "an epic time."

Tomorrow I have a post planned about what we did today -- Xmen, Bittercreek, and the Boise Market!


Anonymous said...

Reed and I found an awesome pizza place in downtown Portland and ordered the pulled pork pizza. It was the most delicious pizza I have ever had. New favorite.

Love following your journey in Boise, but miss you way too much.

laroche004 said...

I did it!! Woohoo! You're right, internet explorer must have been the problem...just downloaded firefox and now I can see posts and post!!