Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not Much on the Home Front

Well - I feel asleep at 8 pm last night which was AWESOME.  Only problem was it was on the couch, and it would have been a lot better if I just started by sleeping in my bed.

I don't have a recipe to post, because this morning I made a huge pot of quinoa for lunch, and I am also going to eat it for my evening snack and lunch tomorrow.  I added feta, olive oil, dill, mint, and lemon juice.  I am planning to add a cucumber I have as well, but didn't have time this morning.  I still feel like it is missing something -- any ideas??

One of the cool things about work is the summer schedule is (fairly) flexible.  We just need to work at least forty hours per week and six hours per day, so if you come in late one day, you stay late or come in early another day.  I think this should come in handy if I venture to Moscow, as, depending on duties, I have a shot at leaving a little bit early without it being a big deal.  I am sure things are going to be really busy though.

Speaking of Moscow, I was planning on visiting this weekend, but now I am not, which means lots of time for adventures!

Make sure you vote if you haven't -- from the looks of it, I will be checking out the World Center for Birds of Prey.  I will also change the poll tomorrow, so you have one more chance to pick another activity for the weekend.  In addition, I really want to check out The Flicks and see Jane Eyre, so I will be attempting to do that tomorrow or Friday.

The toughest part?  Deciding what to eat at the theater!  Any suggestions? Here is the menu. I am thinking either Herb Cheese on French Bread or Hummus and Pita, with an Italian Soda. 

Sorry this is so short and not that exciting.  Think of it like this -- I am setting the bar low so when I have tons of adventures to report this weekend, it will blow you out of the water.

As I head to bed, the good news is I woke up, showered, and managed to wear my hair curly and it looked pretty cute.
And the best part -- no curling iron needed!


Tanya said...

You always look cute :) And, garlic! Add garlic to the quinoa. Have a great weekend Kelsey.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that you did your hair with no curling iron here...amazing! It's perfect! I just assumed you tamed it with the iron...way to rock the hair!

Kelsey said...

Haha thank you! I am loving that blow dryer you got me...I barely straighten my hair lately.