Thursday, June 2, 2011


 Tonight was the wedding and I had two beers and decided that was enough for me, so I got to be the driver! I am really glad I made that decision and today was fun :)  We got to the wedding around five, because David needed to be there early as a groomsman, and the wedding didn't start until seven.  That meant Jehs and I got to do some fun exploring in the town of Nampa. 
The first place we went was to a Nampa antique mall.  They had some gorgeous stuff and it inspired us to try and go thrifting someime this weekend.  They had a fur Christian Dior hat for $75 and a beautiful orange cocktail dress for $125.  Here is what the store looked like.

I used to be obsessed with butterflies and these were hanging on the wall.

This book made me laugh because it sounds like it is recipes for eating your pets. 

If you know me (or my grandma) you know I love big flashy rings.  I fell in love with this ring at the antique mall, and I had to buy it.  It cost $25 and I feel like it is exactly the kind of ring my grandma would give to me.  I love blue rings and the stones around the outside are blue.  The inside looks amazing in person -- it shimmers and almost looks like it is on fire.  Even better, the ring is adjustable so I can wear it on any finger, no problem.  And it is not the crappy kind of adjustable where it pinches you.
Below is another super cute store we went into.  It was more clothing-oriented, but the decor inside the store was adorable and I loved all the clothes too.  Nampa has some great places!  Only problem was we were getting everywhere right before they closed, so I felt bad and didn't try anything on.  I know where I will be going if I ever end up in Nampa again.
I think the picture below turned out pretty neat.  It is where the wedding was -- yes, it did start to get very cold!  Luckily the wedding part was only about 15-20 minutes.  The wedding colors were orange and purple, which sounded so weird to me when I first heard about it. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the colors looked great together.

I got to take this little beauty of a bouqet home!  I put it in my blue vase and it looks really cute.  The only problem is it is BSU colors...

We ended the night by first going to a bar called Cowgirls, super deep into Kuna.  It was reserved for the wedding so it was pretty empty.  We played a game of pool, and took off for downtown.  It was fun to check out a downtown bar, and now we are home and I am off to sleep very, very well!

Tomorrow I am definitely going to The Flicks, and hopefully a few other places on my list, so there should be some more Boise activities soon!  Remember to comment on the last post if you want to dictate what food I should order at the theater :) and make sure to vote for where I should go!


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