Saturday, June 18, 2011


These is a new survey, so make sure you decide what I should do. I PROMISE next weekend I already have Birds of Prey and people watching planned, so pick my third adventure to round out the weekend.

I also promised to post what I ended up buying at Loft.  First of all, it took me forever to decide on something.  It seems like whenever there is pressure to buy something (a coupon), I can never find anything I like.  Then, when I have NO coupons, everything seems amazing.  If you didn't catch on earlier,  I had a coupon for spend $50, get $25 off, but it expired on Sunday so I needed to spend it before I left town...PRESSURE!  There was no way I was going to let that coupon expire.

I went to Loft and the first thing I tried on was the animal-y beige shirt I had posted earlier.  Of course it fit awkwardly.  It was boxy and very weird.  I ended up going into the dressing room THREE TIMES and I was starting to freak out thatI wouldn't find anything I liked.

Finally, I found a dress I liked, which of course was $49.50, meaning I would have to buy something else.  I stumbled upon a T-shirt, and I really loved it.  I love Loft t-shirts in general.  OF COURSE I just looked for a picture of the dress and can't find it anywhere! I really wanted you to see it because I really like it.  It is a tank-style kind of dress, with a bit of a racerback.  The neckline doesn't go too low, and it is a navy blue with a tie-dye pattern (knee length).

Here is the shirt atleast.

It looks kind of weird tucked in, but it is just your basic t-shirt, made out of a nicer material.  It looks really great on.  I am going to wear it to work with a pair of black pants.

When I got up to pay, the dress was on sale, which freaked me out.  The coupon isn't applicable to sale items, and I was about to be real upset if I had to go find something else to qualify.  Thankfully, the dress sale was some special promotion that didn't invalidate the coupon, so the dress was on sale for $40.  My shirt was $30, and I got both together for $43.  Good deal if you ask me!  I know, I know...still not particularly cheap.

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