Friday, June 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Explained

Sorry I haven't been responding to comments much.  I promise I will once I get a chance and things calm down a bit.  I love comments -- they are the best so THANK YOU!

So back to Wednesday...after work I went down to Alive After Five and met some friends.  It was in downtown Boise at a place called "The Grove."  I parked for two hours and it only cost $2.50.  I am pretty certain I could have found free street parking, but it wasn't worth the effort.

Anyway, Alive After Five was PACKED with people!! It is a free outdoor concert with vendors, and the whole thing is a beer garden (for those with a bracelet).  I ended up getting there late after my very long Loft shopping trip (see post tomorrow), and we didn't stay super long.  However, it happens every Wednesday in the summer and I am looking forward to going again.

From there, we went to Pie Hole and I had Thai Chicken pizza.  I love the Thai peanut sauce at Pie Hole...but I do prefer the Thai Veggie.  It is always so hard for me to pick which flavor to get...all the specials sound amazing (some of the specials yesterday featured artichokes and feta and spinach and sundried tomatoes [not all together] do you pick??).  A slice of the speciality pizza is only $2.50.  Holy cow, it is hot in that tiny pizza place.  I would NOT want to work there (not to mention it is open til 4:00 am on weekends and 3:00 am on weekdays). 

From there, myself and some friends went to the apartment hot tub.  It was great to finally check it out, and I actually went swimming in the pool, which was surprisingly warm.  The hot tub was more like a warm bath but it was still comfortable...until we turned on the jets!  OMG we all started suffocating, which can't be a good sign.  Our throats were burning and our eyes were watering, so I think the jets are going to stay off...

All in all, it was another fun day that made me love Boise.  I am excited for next weekend: Birds of Prey, people watching downtown, and whatever other adventure you pick!

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Better stock up on your favorite $3.99 wine while in Moscow....