Sunday, June 5, 2011

#023 Best Beers on Tap

Yesterday, my visiting (ex) roommates and I headed to downtown Boise to check out the Boise Market.  I had warned them that last time I didn't think there were many fruits and veggies, but I thought I might have just not stumbled upon the right place.  Well, this time we found out the same...there are lots of arts and crafts, some cheeses, lots of plants/flowers, and other goods, but not a whole lot of fruits and vegetables.  Maybe we are just spoiled from the Moscow Farmer's Market or maybe it is not that time of year yet?  All I know is I really wanted cucumber and couldn't find that anywhere...

Next time I go, I have my eye on some feta cheese and possibly some vegetable or herb I can grow.

At the market,  I bought some horchata (spelling??) to drink.  It is a Mexican rice-milk with cinnamon.  It was a little sweet for me, and I prefer the one from Patty's Kitchen in Moscow, but it was still tasty and refreshing. 

After the market, we went to Bittercreek Alehouse, the brother to Red Feather Lounge (same owners, same eat-local idea).

Living Social says #023 Bittercreek Alehouse is Boise's Best Beers on Tap. They have 39 beers on tap, from Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, California, and Colorado. The atmosphere was also perfect for a nice summer day.  It was really cool inside, with lots of natural lighting.

Yelpers say "It doesn't get any better than Bittercreek," and the "beer selection is as good as the food."  Many rave about the Spicy Lamb Burger.  Lucky for us, it was another meal with no wait.

After all this talk of beer, we ended up going with a hard cider, as it was the only gluten free option and one of us was gluten free. However, the cider was delicious. I think the pitcher was $15 and it was about a beer and a half for three people.

I decided to order the "All Day Special" which consisted of a Caesar salad and either a cup of chowder or the soup of the day.  The soup of the day was turkey with wild rice, and I went for the chowder.
I love that it came with a fresh lemon and little toasts with herbed butter.  The crackers for the soup seemed homemade and they were delicious.  Somehow this filled me up immensely and I almost couldn't finish.  Not to mention -- all this for $6.50 which I think is a great deal.
After that, we went to a few other stores (The Chocolat Bar and The City Peanut Shop) and then did some shopping.  I got two things from Loft. The website isn't working right now, but I got a pink and white striped tee shirt, and a short-sleeve white sweater with see through crochet bits.  They were a little spendy, at a total of $70, but I love them both.

We wanted to go see X men, and had a bit of time before the next showing, so we decided to check out "The Ozone!" Check out the link if you are curious, but it's basically Boise's only condom-only shop.  They have tons of mix and match was kinda interesting and funny to check out.  The lady took her job pretty seriously though and I think it made us all a bit uncomfortable.

Enough time had passed and we decided to go to Edwards Theater and see Xmen.

 I really liked the movie.  It was pretty long (2 hours 12 minutes) but it provided a lot of back story.  I feel like I should watch the other X men movies now, and I would have a much better idea of what was going on.  Our movie broke in the middle (lights came on, film stopped rolling) and I didn't think there was anyway it was going to be fixed.  However, they fixed it in less than five minutes and we were back to our movie!

As snacks, I smuggled in salt and vinegar almonds (soooo good) and a Sobe Lifewater.  I tried to be adventurous and got a new flavor, Macintosh Apple Cherry, but didn't like it much at all.  Should stick to the best -- Yumberry Pomegranite!
After that, we headed home and things took a turn for the worse!  I chose not to go out because I wasn't feeling well, and little did I know that I really wouldn't feel well.  My temperature was going up pretty quickly, and got as high as 101.6 which freaked me out a bit.  However, my boyfriend called every half an hour and even with him in Moscow, it was nice to have someone to complain to :)

Needless to say, I didn't sleep well last night so I am hoping I fall asleep quickly tonight. Tomorrow is the big day -- first day at my new job.

PS Check out the Bittercreek Dessert menu.  How delicious do Huckleberry Doughnuts sound?  Which would you choose??


laroche004 said...

Oh, my gosh!! The desserts all sound wonderful! Sounds like it's definitely a place to go back to!

laroche004 said...

Yeah! I can post using internet explorer...Dad didn't like that I installed foxfire....

laroche004 said...

Good luck on your first day of your career! and... I hope you feel 100% because then you'll be able to enjoy it more!! Luv you!

Tanya said...

I would choose the Beneigh! I've always wanted to try one :) Looks like you're having a great time checking out all the new things in Boise!

Anonymous said...

To Kelsey - From Paul
Here we go, trying to leave a comment on Kelsey's blog. Sounds like you have done well exploring the town. Just a reminder, if the farmer's market lets you down you can usually find cucumbers at the local supermarket. By the time your read this you will have completed your first day at work, probably too soon to think about a promotion. Enough rambling, I'll try to post this.